Staying Idle at Home?

“ Don’t hoard your talents, spend it like a millionaire...! ”

Being an active player in the IT industry, we know how valued the term ‘Talent’ is. And we found some well-educated women who spend their time in social media or just as it is, even in our own personal circles. It seems they are unaware that the industry is highly in need of talented resources and the demands are never met. We find this as an opportunity to fulfil our social responsibility and therefore it focuses on two major concepts - Resource Building and Women Empowerment. We hope to extract even better talents in the field through this workshop… Let us step together..!

Who would love this?

This workshop is aiming to serve all women, who are:

  • Well educated
  • Skilled or Talented
  • Having free hours to spend at home

Why this workshop?

  • The best way you can help your husband or family business, being at home.

  • A means to earn from free time, through freelancing

  • You are skilled or educated and you should make use of it, instead wasting them.

  • You may not know how to utilize your talents, but we can help you.

  • We believe in exploring hidden talents.

What is
She workshop

Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their packet. Come, start unboxing the real, talented and educated self in you, with Ziventure Technologies LLP…! Renowned sponsors are joining us, considering this training session and your empowerment as their honour… Hurry, fill our survey form and declare your willingness to attend the workshop.

Let us Unbox
the Real You…

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